Darryl Fairchild and family
BABL_Darryl, Kim & Maya celebrating Maya's baptism.

Be A Better Lover is rooted in Jesus’ first command to love God, and one like it, to love neighbor.  Followers of Jesus take this command seriously and seek to find the practical ways to love in the current spiritual, economic, and political realities of our community and society.  This practical piety, has both internal and external dimensions, and impacts our spiritual, individual, and social relationships.

Be A Better Lover is the idea of Darryl Fairchild, a follower of Jesus who is also an ordained United Methodist minister, with over 20 years of experience and BABL is significantly influenced by Martin Luther King’s sermon A Time to Break Silence.

Three Greatest Sins
In A Time to Break Silence, King identifies the 3 greatest sins of the United States – materialism, militarism, and racism.  Be A Better Lover will focus on loving practices that mitigate against our tendency to

  • love things more than people
  • love violence more than trusting in God
  • love some more than others
  • over our materialism, we will seek to love by living more simply
  • over our militarism, we will seek to love by practicing shalom
  • over our racism, we will seek to love by intentionally building inclusive community

In our complex, global world, it is impossible to love all of our neighbors. The best we can do is to work for a society that has just structures.  So we will not fall into a false dichotomy that separates our spiritual and political/economic lives; rather we see love and justice as expressions of Jesus’ singular life of agape.

This community is currently in an alpha stage of development.  A goal is to create a collaborative community.  There are multiple ways to contribute.  Use the forum to post comments, suggestions, critiques, ask questions.

Following Jesus is an incredible journey.  When we heed Jesus’ call and respond in faith, when we love and make justice, we experience the fullness of life and see it become real in the lives of others and in our communities!

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